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Heirloom Vegetables 101

fiddlehead ferns

Most people think of tomatoes when they think of heirloom vegetables, but any kind of vegetable you’ve eaten has an heirloom variety. So what is an heirloom vegetable anyway? Though the exact definition can vary depending on whom you ask, generally, an heirloom vegetable is a variety that is at least 50 years old and grown from seeds passed down ...

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Capturing A Greater Value With Produce

One piece of advice that I consistently offer is that before making a decision, think about why it’s important to your business for the long haul. Ask yourself this about every little part of your business and you can’t go wrong. When practicing this strategy, you also help create a “story” for your business, which is the most important thing ...

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Microgreens on Your Menu


Aptly named because they taste just like their bigger counterparts, microgreens are a form of young, edible greens. The young, tender crops are grown to the first true leaf stage and harvested as seedlings. They also grow quickly; seeds are planted and grown in soil or a soil substitute and are ready to harvest in 7-14 days. Arugula, beets, radish, ...

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Winter Vegetables

Fresh vegetables are often underrepresented on restaurant menus during winter months. We tend to cut down on our use of fresh produce thinking it’s not as available or as flavorful, but there is an abundance of delicious vegetables that are in season this time of year. Here are a few examples of what is available and how to use them ...

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Winter Trends: Celery is Cool, Tasty Tumeric, Indulgent Treats

savory desserts

Hip Veg: Chefs Embrace Celery Brussels sprouts, kale, cauliflower…some unlikely vegetables have moved from the shadows of the menu into the spotlight. Is it celery’s turn? Many chefs seem to think so. No cook worth their toque would consider working without this humble ingredient… it’s integral to the classic sauce- and soupbase mirepoix and gives punch to many mayonnaise-based salads ...

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Winter Trends: Ugly Vegetables, Clean Eating, Artificial Backlash

Ugly Vegetables A lot of what is grown in this country gets thrown away, wasted, or goes unused solely because of its appearance, but homely roduce tastes just as delicious as picture-perfect products. Utilizing what the industry refers to as seconds can go a long way towards reducing waste and saving resources—as well as help the bottom line. Once an ...

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