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The Big Apples Of New York

The sweet, crisp, tart, and juicy apple is a versatile ingredient in any culinary professional’s arsenal. Apples are great in all-American staples like the classic pie as well as French bistro dishes such as pork tenderloin with apples. They do well in soups, salads, appetizers, entrees, cocktails, and, of course, dessert, and are a go-to ingredient to feed the tastes ...

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Using Foraged Mushrooms in Your Summer Menu

Working with mushroom purveyor To-Jo Mushrooms, Maines is able to offer an extensive selection of truly specialty products. Keeping the chef in mind, To-Jo explores the globe searching for unique seasonal items to perfectly complement your current and new menu items for their Foraged Fresh Program. One way To-Jo communicates all the specialty options available is with their weekly Foraged ...

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The Small Plate Is A Big Deal

Sharable small plates have been on trend for years. But with consumers’ growing demand for local, sustainable meat and produce as well as their interest in communal dining and health, chefs and restaurant operators can capitalize on these cravings with small plates. “Appetizers, small plates, and accompaniments are becoming more of a draw,” says Darren Tristano of Technomic. “Highlighting the ...

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Experiment With Ethnic Inspired Entree Salads

With customers hungry for nutritious options that taste good too, chefs and restaurant owners are seeking global flavors. Salads are being elevated from the sidelines to the spotlight by giving them an international flair. A top-notch ethnic-inspired salad worthy of the main event gives diners a healthy option that will take them to different parts of the world through a ...

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All Things Rhubarb

Like a lot of Depression-era foods, rhubarb is making a comeback. And like collard greens and okra, rhubarb isn’t just showing up in all the usual dishes. Many food trend spotters have been touting the plant as the next big thing for the last few years. It’s number one on HGTV’s 2015 Edible Trends: The Next Hot Fruits, Vegetables and ...

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Markon Winter Trends 2015

markon winter trends 2015

These are the top trends in the foodservice industry according to the Winter 2015 Markon Trend Report: 1. Produce Hybrids Farmers have been cross-breeding fruits and vegetables for centuries, but today’s suppliers have the added benefit of nutritional research to naturally create exciting, delicious new ingredients. • Kalettes are part kale, part Brussels sprouts; chefs are falling in love with ...

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Artisan Salads


Over the past decade, salads have lost their way in the food industry. Chefs today are starting to put more emphasis on the art of making salads. Whether it’s a lightened and fresh reinterpretation of the classic wedge, an homage to the  elegant-yet-simple Italian Tricolore Salad, or a salute to the seasonal farm-to-table movement with beets, artisan lettuce and goat ...

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