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Artisan Salads


Over the past decade, salads have lost their way in the food industry. Chefs today are starting to put more emphasis on the art of making salads. Whether it’s a lightened and fresh reinterpretation of the classic wedge, an homage to the  elegant-yet-simple Italian Tricolore Salad, or a salute to the seasonal farm-to-table movement with beets, artisan lettuce and goat ...

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The act of grilling is no longer confined to just meats. Grilling fruits, vegetables and other nontraditional ingredients can be a profitable point of differentiation for restaurants and appeal to a broader market. Stone fruit, polenta, cauliflower steak, and romaine, all charred to perfection can be used in any part of your menu. Grilled fruits achieve a smoky-sweet flavor, and ...

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5 Wine and Salad Pairing Ideas for Your Menu

wine and salad

Here’s a list of some of  the most popular salads and wine pairing ideas to go with them: 1. Cobb Salad With smoky bacon, creamy avocado, tangy blue cheese, and juicy tomatoes, Cobb salad pairs well with a variety of wines. A bottle of fragrant Gewürztraminer contrasts with salty, creamy notes, while an earthy pinot noir enhances the meaty bacon. ...

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Salad Do’s and Don’ts

Salad Dos and Donts

Let’s get something straight. If diners order an entrée salad, they are looking for something sensible to eat. The presumption is that the salad is not a calorie bomb. And they don’t want to be left hungry. It’s called an “entrée” for a reason. So why do so many restaurants offer such “weak” options? What Not to Do: Offer a ...

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4 Salad Toppings That Add Nutritional Value

Salad Toppings IDeas

The best salads are those that have toppings with a mix of textures—crisp, soft, crunchy, colorful, salty, or sweet. At the same time, consumers are learning that the more toppings on a salad, the more calories it packs. The good news is that you don’t need to stick with a bland salad. Certain toppings can be both a great source ...

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Do Salads Matter?


Consumer trend reports from 2014 reveal insights into consumer preferences for salad. According to a news release from Technomics, more than 43 percent of consumers strongly agree that  they visit certain restaurants specifically because they enjoy the salads those restaurants offer. Other Findings: 60% of consumers say it is important that salad be bundled with other items. Consumers want to ...

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Are You Capitalizing on the Popularity of Salads?

salad popularity

These days, healthy eating isn’t just talk. Many food operators have noticed that the scales have tipped in the last 18 months as guests actively scour for healthy—yet delicious—menu options. This is not a dining trend, but rather a lifestyle change that has taken root in many American households due to the spread of food education via the Internet and ...

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Upscale Meat-Free Cuisine

Meat Free Entrees

Vegetables have been pushing meat-centric dishes out of the spotlight, especially in the quick serve and fast casual segments where health and wellness are of prime concern, but fine dining has taken longer to be wooed. This season many top chefs are eschewing protein as the center of the plate in favor of showcasing fresh produce. • Michelin-starred Alain Ducasse ...

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Tips to Reduce Food Waste

Reduce Food Waste

Nose to tail cooking has been heralded by influential chefs for the last several years—now the focus has expanded to the rest of the menu, fresh produce in particular. Root to stalk, compost cooking, vegetable offal…whatever you call it, it’s good for business…and the planet. Using more of any ingredient reduces food waste and lowers food and trash costs. When ...

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The Next “It” Veggies

Carrots trend

Just a few short years ago, kale took the food world by storm, going from a little-used garnish to starring on menus across the globe. Since then, chefs have tried to determine what the next must have veggie ingredient will be. Cauliflower had a moment, followed by Brussels sprouts…but this fall it looks like kohlrabi and carrots are winning the ...

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