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How to Use Apples on a Charcuterie Board

Apples are a wonderful addition to any charcuterie board. Their range of flavors from tart to sweet, counterbalances the salty and fatty cheeses and meats. We’ve profiled a few examples of how to best utilize apples on a charcuterie board. RUSSIAN BRINED APPLES Russian brined apples are created using a fermentation process that creates a living probiotic environment. This adds ...

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How to Pair Wines with Sauces

How to Pair Wine with Sauces

Need some help pairing wine with sauces? Look no further, here’s a quick guide! 1. Zesty Sauces Beurre blanc, lemon, lime, and vinegar-based sauces Try lighter, zestier white wines and wines with more herbal and savory characteristics: Sauvignon Blanc White Bordeaux Grenache Blanc   2. Herb Sauces Basil, parsley, mint, cilantro, dill, capers, and cucumber Look for wines with herbaceous ...

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