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5 Ways to Include Snacks on Your Menu

Pizza Snack

Who wants to look at empty tables? While snack menu items aren’t meant to replace  meals, they help fill the seats for those in-between mealtimes. Here are six important snacking areas, plotted on all points of the indulgent-to-healthy  spectrum that are truly “all for all”: midmorning, happy hour, late-night, snacks, gluten-free and vegetarian. 1. MidMorning French Toast Cups: Draw in ...

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7 Ways to Snack in Style

metal snackware

As snacks are becoming more mainstream, add a special flare with these Snack Menu Serviceware Items. Here are our top picks for your tabletop. 1. Conical Baskets These have an awesome way of making less look like more. Pile in kabobs, fries, and other finger foods to create an appetizing array of food but with less negative space. You can ...

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The Snack Culture

Snack Trend

It’s called grazing. Or snacking. And Americans are developing a chronic case of it. But this nontraditional eating habit is more than a phase. Snacks are perfectly sized and priced for today’s slow-moving economy, changing employment landscape, healthy-eating awareness, and of course, hunger. While some worry snack culture will negatively affect lunch and dinner profits, others are reaping the benefits ...

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