Tasty Cheeses to Top Salads and More

Cheese has always been a staple in salads and it pairs wonderfully with produce-rich dishes, among an endless list of other summer-friendly foods like burgers, pizzas and even desserts like ice cream, tarts and pastries. We’ve profiled some of the best cheeses for an easy, quick reference to complement your summer menu.

In most U.S. markets, soft, fresh goat cheeses are simply called chèvre, which is French for goat. Chèvre is a fresh, light-textured, rindless goat cheese that is similar to cream cheese with only a third of the fat and calories. It can be spread or crumbled making it perfect for salads, sandwiches, burgers, and pizzas. Its subtle flavor complements sweets well and is a wonderful addition to summer tarts or simply sprinkled over grilled fruits. #010795

Danish Blue
Also known as Danablu, Danish Blue is a semi-soft blue veined cheese, made from cow’s milk from Denmark. It is aged eight to twelve months to create a creamy and crumbly texture with a sharp and salty flavor. It pairs well with Cabernet. It is often served crumbled on salads or as a dessert cheese with fruit. In Denmark, it is eaten on bread or savory crackers. (imported) #019120

Feta is a brined curd white cheese that has its origins in Greece. It is usually made from sheep or goat’s milk or a combination of the two. It takes about two months for feta to mature. It is sold in blocks submerged in brine. Th e cheese can be crumbled onto salad or pizza. It tastes delicious with olive oil, roasted red peppers and nuts. #028392

Blue Cheese
There are a variety of blue cheeses from around the world made from goat’s milk including Bleu du Bocage from France, Cabrales from Spain, and Baraboo Blue from Carr Valley, Wisconsin. All goat blue cheeses have the traditional blue veins running through them. Goat blues tend to have a pungent blue flavor with a sweet finish. They range in texture from creamy to crumbly. Melt over a burger with roasted garlic, or crumble in a salad with strawberries, walnuts, and peppery greens. Pair with a sweet wine like Riesling, Port, or Moscato. #022549

Gorgonzola is one of the world’s oldest blue-veined cheeses. The cheese is mainly produced in the northern Italian regions of Piedmont and Lombardy. It is made from cow’s milk and aged for three to four months to attain full ripeness. It has a crumbly and soft texture with nutty aroma and pairs well with wines like Bordeaux, Zinfandel and Sauternes. Gorgonzola can be served melted into a risotto or on top of pizza or pasta. #023752

Goat goudas are usually aged about five months. It is a firm cheese with a smooth texture and mild, vaguely sweet fl avor with hints of caramel. Pair it with a dry California white or an amber ale. Grate it into a summer salad, layer slices onto a sandwich or burger, or serve it with fresh fruit for dessert. #026626

Like Brie made from cow’s milk, goat milk Brie has an edible bloomy rind. It tends to be milder in flavor than cow’s milk Brie with a gooey, rather than runny texture. Goat Brie is becoming more popular with American eaters; many U.S. brands are starting to produce it, competing with European makers. Serve it with a baguette or crackers, fresh fruit, cured meat and olives. It pairs well with Sauvignon Blanc. #002328