Tell Your [Instagram] Story

Instagram Stories, an application that allows users to post photos and videos that remain visible to followers for 24 hours, can make a significant impact on your operation’s marketing strategy. Utilize Instagram Stories as a platform to promote your restaurant, expand your reach, and strengthen customer bonds.

Call to Action

Besides your bio, Stories are the only place Instagram allows you to add links. Post a video tour of your restaurant or a photo series of your menu and add a link that directs followers to a site where they can make reservations. You can also add location information and hashtags to Stories to make it easier for more users to find you.

Learn About Your Customers

Instagram Stories appear on feeds in chronological order. Discover when your followers are most active with the free Instagram analytics, and use this data to present timely unveiling of new menu items, adding exclusive captions from the chef about the inspiration behind the dish.

Generate Excitement for Events

Instagram added interactive countdown stickers to Stories that allow users to add reminders on their phones that notify them when it’s time for an event. This function is perfect for promoting a grand opening, new menu debut, or any special event.

Tell Your Story

Today’s consumers are all about transparency. Capture overhead photos of a step-by-step guide that shows how a dish comes together. Start with an empty plate, and take photos as additional elements are added.

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