The Best of Sandwich Cheeses

The quality of your sandwich relies heavily on the quality of your cheese. Meet the best sandwich cheeses that will embolden your menu and change your sandwich game:

Cheddar: Cheese brands have had great success in adding flavors to our all-American favorite. Here are some wonderful examples that will add zip, tang, heat or herb flavors to your sandwich:
Chipotle, horseradish, hot habanero, hand-ribbed Tuscan, Garlic and Herb, Tomato Basil, Smoky Bacon, Hot Buffalo Wing

Swiss: Did you know that, due to fermentation, the smaller the holes, the milder the Swiss and the larger the holes, the stronger the Swiss? There are so many ways to experiment with this traditional medium to hard cheese, like some of these tasty examples: ham, apple, arugula and Swiss cheese sandwich, roasted tomato and Swiss cheese sandwich, grilled teriyaki chicken, Pineapple, and Swiss cheese sandwich.

Provolone: A basic Italian cheese that usually comes plain or smoked. Use it traditionally, such as in a broccoli rabe and provolone grinder. Or why not marinate it? Simply cover provolone in oil, vinegar, garlic, oregano and salt, and let marinate overnight. Use in great wraps like a prosciutto, melon and herbed provolone wrap.

Muenster: This mild American cheese is a must-have in your cheese drawer. It goes well with any deli meats and melts to perfection. Combine this kid-friendly cheese with healthy fillings to sneak in some nutrients. Try Muenster cheese with braised leeks, grilled tomatoes or peppers.

Cream Cheese: Every day more ideas are popping up on the Internet for creative cream cheese spreads. Go sweet, go spicy, go Tuscan. A few simple steps and you have a gourmet cheese spread that adds both moisture and flavor to your creation:

Havarti: Use this buttery sweet and zesty semisoft cheese to make a fresh, Mediterranean-style grilled cheese. Layer the creamy Havarti with fresh, crisp veggies, olives and salty prosciutto, and then grill until golden and crispy.