The Importance of Eco-Friendly Disposables

Sustainability is more than a buzzword or a trend – it’s a movement. Today’s consumers see their purchasing decisions as a form of activism and are rewarding companies that source sustainable items. As a result, restaurants are striving to decrease their carbon footprints without compromising the creativity or flavor of their menu through strategies like serving seasonal, local produce and managing food waste. However, sustainability doesn’t stop with the menu. The disposables you utilize offer a pivotal opportunity to showcase your commitment to sustainability while building your brand and creating loyal customers. Utilize environmentally safe disposables to add an eco-friendly touch to your operation and jump onto the omnipresent sustainability bandwagon.

The Powerful Effects of Environmentally Safe Products

Plastic cutlery threatens wildlife in various ways. For example, microplastic has become pervasive in soil and marine life. When sea creatures mistake microplastics for food, it harms them, the seafood products you’re serving, and the health of those who consume it. Biodegradable disposables can reduce the amount of plastic in our oceans and the amount of waste in landfills that contribute to air pollution. Informing customers about the effects of single-use plastics positions your restaurant as an industry leader and can help influence consumer decisions. Whether your customers have greater concern for the environment, wildlife, or their health, eco-friendly disposables make a collective impact that they can stand behind.
Make the Shift to

Eco-Friendly Disposables

With the ever-increasing growth of takeout and online food delivery, there’s significant opportunity to exploit sustainable disposables in-store and off-premise. According to Technomic Inc., 71% of consumers say it’s important for restaurants to use environmentally friendly disposable packaging, and 60% of consumers will pay more for it. Restaurants that source eco-friendly disposables have found it to be cost-effective and worth the slight increase in price, and with customers willing to pay more for earth-friendly items, sustainable disposables can increase your bottom line.

Products that fall in the sweet spot of “healthy for me” and “healthy for the world” are in high demand. Check out the following disposable items, and consider how they can make a difference at a global level, as well as with your brand, profits, and customers.


Consumers want earth-friendly utensils that are sturdy, functional, and good for the planet. Made from CPLA  (cornstarch), Green Wave Epoch™ Cutlery meets the criteria for these demands. These products are 100% compostable, BPI and ASTM certified, and have a high heat tolerance that exceeds 200°F, providing customers with innovative utensils they can rely on.


Clover™ is an excellent choice when seeking an economical packaging alternative. The unique design, leak resistant qualities, and venting capabilities of these containers are perfect for takeout, delivery, and leftover applications. Free of foreign mineral fillers, these vessels allow for maximum recyclability and offer a premium design with high-end functionality at an economical price.


According to the Lonely Whale Foundation, U.S. consumers use about 500 million plastic straws each day that pollute the environment, a striking statistic largely driving the buzz of the potential plastic straw ban. Show your dedication to sustainability by serving straw-less drinks, noting on your menu that you offer straws upon request. Or, switch to paper straws, noodle straws, or other straw alternatives to deliver the same familiar, convenient customer experience without the negative consequences of single-use plastics.

Seventy-two percent of operators source some supplies that contain recyclable material, and 56% are utilizing supplies certified as compostable (NRA). Don’t let your restaurant get left behind in a movement that’s imperative for the prosperity of the industry and the world. Keep sustainability top-of-mind to ensure your restaurant is eco-conscious, trendy, and leaves an ever-lasting impression.

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