Fried Chicken

Trends: Flock to This Trend + Shoulder Season

Flock to This Trend

If you don’t already have a fried chicken sandwich on your menu, now is the perfect time to jump aboard the bandwagon. Celebrity chefs including David Chang are creating their own fried chicken concepts and customers are lining up for these craveable sandwiches.
• Try some Southern comfort with toppings such as peach slaw or ketchup. Pickle brine the chicken
and use biscuits as the bun.
• Marinade in soy or fish sauce and spice it up with a Sriracha condiment for an Asian spin.
• Fire it up with flavor by incorporating heat in multiple ways: top with housemade hot sauce, add cayenne or Korean pepper powder in the dredging mix, or make a spicy slaw.

Shoulder Season

Pork shoulder is a seasonal rising trend, according to Google’s recent food trends report. Barbecue pulled pork is an obvious choice, but experiment with international flavors to make the most out of this delicious cut that’s also good for managing food costs.
• Instead of the typical beef, use pork for Korean barbecue; marinate the meat in a mixture of gochujang, garlic, ginger, mirin, and sesame oil.
• Season with hoisin, Chinese five spice, sesame oil, and soy and then grill for char siu, the traditional Cantonese barbecue pork. Serve on steamed bao buns.
• Braise low and slow for savory ragus to top pasta.