Trends: Go Bold or Go Home + Tap Into This

Go Bold or Go Home

With more diners using food as a way to explore new cultures, ethnic flavors continue to influence many dishes. For some home cooks, such cuisines can be challenging to tackle at home so consumers are seeking out restaurants that offer globally inspired dishes with flair.
• North African flavors are stepping into the spotlight. Incorporate ingredients such as harissa, saffron, and turmeric to pack more of a flavor punch in entrées.
• Indian cuisine is more than curry; try masala (a mixture of spices) to season meats such as pork, veal, and lamb or capitalize on the snacking trend with chaat, which is street food bites such as fried potato balls.
• Take advantage of the spicy hot trend with a different pepper such as aji, a Peruvian staple.

Tap Into This

Maple syrup is busting out beyond breakfast, finding its way into more savory applications for lunch and dinner as well as creative craft cocktails. According to the Vermont Maple Sugar Makers Association, the market for this product is on the rise. It’s the perfect ingredient for salty-sweet dishes.
• Marinate meats with maple syrup, aromatics, herbs, and chili flakes.
• Incorporate into braises and glazes for a background flavor note.
• Use in whiskey-based cocktails such as Manhattan, which pairs nicely with maple syrup’s sweetness.