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Trends: Say Aloha to Hawaiian Flavors + A Jolt of Java

Say Aloha to Hawaiian Flavors

Home to many Filipino, Japanese, and Southeast Asian immigrants, Hawaii produces fusion food that combines elements of many unique culinary traditions.
• Yellowtail, Wahoo, and Opakapaka are on-trend, Hawaiian fish popular for their lean protein content and delicate flavors. Serve them in dishes like fish tacos, soups, or poke. Add a ginger and panko crust to take these fish to the next level.
• Poke, the raw fish salad marinated in soy and sesame and topped with ingredients such as scallions and seaweed, is popping up everywhere. Incorporate regional ingredients for the toppings or use a local fish to make it your own.
• For a different take on pulled pork,  try the Kalua Pig. This popular dish is traditionally cooked in an underground oven (known as an imu) and slow roasted to tender and smoky perfection.

Jolt of Java

Whether it’s a pour over or cold brew, coffee is a hot ingredient. It can be used to perk up your menus by infusing flavor into multiple dishes.
• Use coffee in desserts for a bitter counterpoint to the sweetness, giving a depth of flavor to the dish. Try coffee flour (ground green coffee beans) in cakes or make a coffee-infused syrup to drizzle over ice cream.
• Make rubs for pork, veal, and lamb.
• Infuse stocks with ground beans to season and garnish starches such as risotto.