Using Twitter for Your Next Event

Social media is not a strategy. It is a vehicle with which to enact your strategy. If events are a part of your marketing strategy and you are not utilizing social media, you are missing out. Social media can add another layer of excitement and customer involvement to any event and is an inexpensive, cost-effective way to build buzz, fill seats, or turn a one-time event into a recurring one.
You can run contests, trivia, and even give away prizes – all on Twitter during your event. Twitter is an excellent tool to utilize if you want to take your event to the next level. I know Twitter can be a pretty intimidating platform at first glance, but here are the basics you should know about Twitter, and how you can get started so you can use it to add some extra excitement to any event.
Twitter is a real-time social media network that connects you to the latest stories, ideas, opinions and news about what you find interesting. Twitter allows you to post short messages, or “Tweets”, of up 140 characters and read tweets made by people you choose to follow in a merged stream – your Timeline.
Sign Up

Go to to create your profile and personalize your account.

Send Your First Tweet

In the box that says “Compose new Tweet”, type whatever is on your mind. So, now you may be wondering what you should Tweet about. If you’re not sure what to update your followers about, just answer this question: What has your interest right now?

Follow People
Do a search for people by name or by the content of tweets. Search for friends, family, brands, and your favorite celebrities! When you find someone you’d like to get updates from, Follow them and their Tweets will appear in your Timeline.
Twitter Dictionary:
There are certain words used on Twitter that are important for understanding the social platform.
Tweet: A message with a maximum of 140 characters.
Retweet (RT): Re-sharing or giving credit to someone else’s tweet.
Handle: Your username. Club Social’s Twitter Handle is @MPFSClubSocial – Follow us!
Hashtags (#): A hashtag is a community-created way of organizing information on Twitter. You can make anything into a hashtag just by adding a hashtag (#) in front of it. Think of hashtags as the theme or category of your Tweet. To use a hashtag, use the ‘#’ symbol before any word (#word). This creates an active link that groups together all Tweets with the same hashtag used in a post.
Timeline: When you login to Twitter, you’ll land on the Tweets timeline view of your homepage. Your home timeline is a long stream showing all Tweets from those you have chosen to follow on Twitter.
Tips for Using Twitter at Your Event:
• Weeks before your event, create a hashtag for you and all attendees to use.
• To encourage people to tweet out your hashtag and spread the word, you can sweeten the deal with a free pass, door prize or other giveaway for one lucky hashtag-er.
• Use tweets to announce sponsors, news or to ask questions that might help shape the event.
The more you use Twitter, the more enjoyable and resourceful it will become. We hope you stick with it, as it can pay dividends in great conversation and add extra excitement to any event.